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How Patient Involvement has Evolved and What to Expect in the Next Decade

The Role of Patients in Meetings

DISCOVER The Evolving role of Patients in Life Science Meetings

Download BCD M&E's Life Sciences white paper

Today, many of the world's healthcare systems are under immense strain. The life sciences sector has approached this challenge in various ways, including expanding the relationships they have with patients via their participation in medical meetings.

BCD Meetings & Events surveyed 337 meeting budget owners and asked for their opinion on patient inclusion within life sciences meetings. Using this research, and expert insight from our clients and dedicated teams, we have produced a comprehensive assessment of the present, with recommendations for the future.

Inside you'll find:

    • An overview of the story so far 
    • Synopsis of industry consensus
    • Practical tips for patient inclusion 
    • Ideas for logistical support 

This is an indispensable document, and essential reading for anyone working in life sciences.

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